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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Lion of Judah download streaming (internapoli city)

Leo Zisman already had enough of Nazi cruelty when it first asserted itself in his life 75 years ago. The kind of person who, when faced as a boy with a Nazi death camp guard who held a rifle to his head, Zisman fearlessly shouted at him in German, “Shoot…shoot…you pig!”. Now 81, Zisman is committed to taking young men and women, Jews and non-Jews, through the past he lived. A testament to his astounding resilience and determination "The Lion of Judah" chronicles his uncensored tour through the most reprehensible of the death camps-Majdanek, Birkenau and Auschwitz . The young people who join Zisman are similarly outspoken, telling a basic story from multiple points of view and witnessing how quickly a man can go from being part of a community to a mass grave. In its vox-pop style the film also surveys contemporary Poles, illuminating attitudes, unmasking memories and vowing, “never again.” A confident, vibrant, in your face response to time running out for the last generation of Survivors to tell their story, "The Lion of Judah" marks a crucial shift in tone of voice for Holocaust remembrance.